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founded on dialogue and sharing

The Orexad network stands out by the quality of its relationships with its members. Right from the initial contact. Friendly atmosphere, attentiveness, dialogue, support: Orexad puts the emphasis on human relationships.

Joining us will mean you will benefit from the reputation, visual identity, national coverage, purchasing power and selling power, logistics and new technologies offered by our Network. It is also a way to offer a new challenge to your business, accelerate your development in your region, win new markets and help build a new approach to industrial supplies at our side.
Without doubt, it is the surest and fastest way to ensure the sustainable success of your business in your region.

Today we propose a genuine partnership approach based on exchanging skills and sharing experience, in full respect of your choices and decisions. A joint commitment, alongside objectives reflecting your ambitions, are the keys to a successful partnership.

In terms of purchasing, our bargaining power ensures you will receive the best terms and conditions possible, which is the whole point of Oradis.
For sales, full synergy between resources is implemented to achieve a common objective through Orexad Development.
So take the opportunity to join the leading specifier network for industrial solutions.

Orexad, industrial and technical supplies


Do you distribute industrial supplies?
Do you consistently ensure customer satisfaction?
Then join Orexad, the leading Industrial Supplies network.

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    Orexad, distributor of industrial and technical supplies