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well-honed and efficient

Because growth in our customers’ activities on constantly changing markets requires flexibility and adaptation, our core DNA components are agility, responsiveness and availability. Our customers require more than just a distributor, more than simply a service provider, they need a partner they can trust.

To ensure our agility and responsiveness, to propose delivery to our customers in 24-48 hours of almost 120,000 available product references, we operate an ultra-efficient logistics organisation.

Orexad represents over 3,000,000 order lines per year and 45,000 m² of storage capacity spread over a national hub and 7 regional hubs.

At any given moment in our logistics chain, the customer is at the forefront of all our concerns.

Orexad, distributor of industrial supplies

« At Orexad, ensuring the customer is satisfied is not a wish, it’s a requirement. »



Orexad, distributor of industrial and technical supplies