Rubix Subsidiaries

Rubix Subsidiaries

Rubix subsidiaries presentation


Foundry parts and mechanical engineering.


Sale of industrial bearings.


Studies, manufacture and supply of components for your pneumatic and hydraulic automated equipment and plant / workshop equipment and fittings.


Bearings specialist since 1977. Manufacture of bearings, bearing blocks and related products, to meet precise customer specifications, for so-called “handling” and “high requirements / standards” applications.

Applications: conveyor rollers, concrete mixers, conveyor rollers, electric motors, gearboxes, ventilation, etc.


Manufacture and distribution of industrial bearings.


Specialisation: high performance stainless steel connectors.

For over 65 years, DEFA has been supporting manufacturers and engineering design offices in their quest for excellence by offering them high-end products from the top manufacturer brands in the world.

DEFA’s expertise helps deliver tailor-made technical advice to customers, as well as irreproachable standards of service.


Delta P is your dedicated industrial partner for the manufacture and distribution of instrumentation products and industrial valves and fittings. Delta P also boasts genuine workshop expertise: special custom manufacturing, recertification of safety valves, technical studies and advice, …


Escudier is the reference partner for waterproofing solutions for complex industries. Escudier supports its customers from start to finish, fulfilling the requirements of complex industries.

Escudier offers a wide range of products in waterproofing / sealing, stamped / cut parts, bonding and industrial lubrication, and vibration / acoustic insulation.


A specialist in thermal insulation and rubber equipment since 1907, FELDMANN has primarily extended its scope of experience to industrial equipment in these 2 major product families. FELDMANN guarantees its customers a perfect match between their needs, the most appropriate technical solutions, and a price / service ratio fully in line with market expectations.

Whether in diagnosis, advice or maintenance, our teams are able to thoroughly fulfil your needs. FELDMANN also offers a unique trading service and a manufacturing workshop for flexible hoses, gasket and seal cutting, as well as assembly.


FIPA is a distributor of industrial supplies including personal protective equipment, and a supplier of hydraulic hoses. Founded in 1994 and based in the Ain region, FIPA employs 12 people and generates close to €5 million annual turnover.


HPE is a Rubix subsidiary that offers added-value services in a number of expert fields: pneumatics, vacuum technology, fluids, hydraulics, aluminium profiles. HPE is structured around 2 hubs, trading operations with over 5000 solutions for your aluminium structures, and a system designed to offer tailor-made workstations to boost performance and reduce MSD risk.


A Rubix Group subsidiary, J.Le Corvaisier is both a distributor of industrial supplies (transmission, pneumatics, hydraulics, fluids, etc.) and an integrator / repairer, with systems production workshops.


With almost 160 years of history, Legoueix’s mission is to be Rubix’s true energy hub in France by establishing itself as the industrial distributor of tools and consumables for the water and energy sectors: plumbing, HVAC engineering, heating, electrical engineering, on-site maintenance and facility management, fire protection, etc.

Legoueix is synonymous with a consolidated product offering in personal protection, valves and fittings, tooling for various trades, safety, health and hygiene, and fastening, screws and bolts. Its operations also include strong logistics with large storage capacities and 24-hr delivery across France.


Founded in 1968, Lepercq specialises in the distribution of the top brands in industrial glues, sealants and adhesives. Its specialty includes technical bonding and adhesives, and so Lepercq partners the leading brands: 3M, TESA, ELECO, SCAPA, SIKA, KOMMERLING, HENKEL, BOSTIK, etc.

Lepercq always offers you the optimum choice of products to best fulfil your needs.


A Rubix subsidiary, Lima specialises in the sale and processing of adhesive tapes. With a turnover that has doubled in 10 years, Lima operates in a vast number of sectors to provide the best adhesive solutions: winding, cutting by slicing, specific cutting of adhesive parts, printing, packaging.


Within Rubix, Lypsis today is the official representative of the Plastics Converting division.


Within Rubix, NT Transmissions is the specialist in variable speed transmission. This subsidiary comprises 3 main product families: mechanical, electronic, and electrical. NT Transmissions also runs an engineering design office that oversees its customers’ entire projects: design, mechanical modifications, manufacture of control cabinets, installation, etc.


Outilacier is a distributor of industrial tools and supplies. Our subsidiary offers a huge range of products: tools, instrumentation, supplies, workshop / plant fitting-out, lifting, handling, and PPE.


A subsidiary of Rubix France, SAFIR employs a team of 6 people at your service, dedicated to distributing industrial supplies for all industries and communities on Reunion Island.


Sogema Services is the Rubix Group’s hydraulics competence hub in France. Building on 40 years of experience, Sogema has developed several fields of expertise: analysis of your hydraulic oil in our laboratory, retrofit of your installations, remote monitoring of your installations via our Sogebox solution, sale of hydraulic solutions, component repair, etc.


Solyro has been your reference partner in fluid management since 1978. Solyro’s ambition is to prescribe and provide manufacturers with reliable solutions specifically for fluid management. Solyro offers an extensive range of products in valves and fittings with nearly 6000 items in stock. They also provide wide-ranging services: equipment automation, pressure and temperature measurement, steam system diagnosis, project expertise, etc.


A PPE and welding specialist since 1920, Technidis Docks Maritimes offers industrial expertise through local service. With over 12,000 products readily available from stock and a 30-strong team of technical sales executives, we respond to your enquiries and requests without delay.