Our fields of activity

Our fields of activity

Rubix has been providing its expertise for several years by offering innovative products and services in 5 core businesses.

Transmission & Fluiditics

Guaranteeing the reliability, continuity and sustainability of our customers’ production chains while controlling their costs are our priorities. Couplings, bearings, linear guides, air leakage audits… We supply a vast range of transmission products and solutions to help smooth the path of industry.


• Maintenance & Assembly

Maintaining tools, machinery and equipment in working order is a key activity for our customers. Coupled with our staff’s expertise, our products and services ensure that our customers benefit from the best solutions in this field.


Protection of the workforce is a crucial issue for all our industrial customers. And so, Rubix supplies a whole range of PPE together with related services to allow everyone to work safely.



Through its 41 experts in France, Rubix supports every customer by helping them develop efficient manufacturing processes using both standard and specialist tools.


Rubix has developed strong expertise in this field. Our employees master the specifics of this assembly technique, so they are able to guide our customers towards the optimum choices based on their requirements.