Our human capital

Our human capital

A committed workforce


2800 employees


350 recruits every year

Rubix’s success lies first and foremost in the success of our committed, caring and dynamic teams, who love what they do. At Rubix, every employee counts, and team spirit is part of our DNA.

When you join us, you become part of a fast-growing leader that offers its future employees great career prospects, thanks to its performance, dynamism, and a culture that is both demanding and caring.

• Diversity and inclusion

At Rubix we are committed to a more inclusive world, and we believe that the collective is a strength and that diversity is a source of wealth for our Company.

Every year, we make a point of raising awareness of disability issues, as we believe that our teams draw on the unique characteristics of each individual to grow together.
Promoting diversity and inclusion is a strong commitment that forms part of our values and culture.

• Training and helping our employees grow

Our ambition is to train, integrate and support our employees so that every talent can flourish and become a driving force within the Company.

To achieve this, we have put in place a range of tools, and offer at least one training session a year to our employees.